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Kathya Oróstica Of the University Mar's Viña (Chile), visits us at the L@te the months of January and February of 2020 for such to realise his doctoral stay. The thesis is directed by Mercè Gisbert (URV) and Virginia Larraz (UdA). This stay is possible thanks to a scholarship awarded at the agreement established among the two universities (URV and UVM).

The work titles “Propuesta estratégica para el desarrollo de la competencia digital a través del sello formativo de la Universidad de Mar” and focused at the design of a strategic model for the development of the digital competence at the university of origin by means of a proposal of institutional management. This includes the diagnostic of the digital competence of students, educational, authorities, administrative personnel and digital resources as well as also, elaborates an institutional strategic plan that it improves the digital competence.