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On March 1, 2023, the 2nd Meeting of Innovative Centers (11th in Catalonia) was held at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology on the Sescelades Campus of the Rovira i Virgili University.

The meeting was organized by the DIM-EDU Educational Network (Pere Marquès), the Rovira i Virgili University and the ARGET group (Applied Research Group in Education and Technology), the Catalan Society of Pedagogy and the Espiral Association.

It was a hybrid event, with face-to-face and online activities aimed at management teams, innovation coordinators and teachers in general at all levels, inspectors and managers of the Educational Administration and specialists from companies in the sector. Pedagogy and PhD students also attended.

The topics that were dealt with in the different presentations, round tables and workshops were: Innovation/educational transformation. Good ICT practices, educational robotics, STEAM. Artificial Intelligence. Digital Teaching Competence. Education in values and ODS. Educational chess. Neuroeducation. Inclusivity. Directive function and Pedagogical Leadership.

All the information with videos of the day here.