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Make your theme!

Today, the first training session for teachers participating in the Make your theme!, project is held at the URV, a new program created for secondary schools and institutes interested in offering a musical creation activity to their students.

The students are significantly influenced by music, and they can use music as a way to express themselves, cope with stress and relax and have fun.

That is why Make your theme! proposes a creative program in which students enter the universe of letters to create music, and meaning.

Among other things, students must:

1. Select lyrics of the songs you are listening to

2. Share and analyze them

3. Relate them to their experiences

4. Help to find connections between the different shared letters (thematic, others)

5. Write a letter for an existing song

6. Create playlists of songs for different themes

7. Create your own theme by using open and accessible technologies

The program ends with a sharing of the work done by the students of the different centers, including the music lists created and co-created, and the access to a shared discussion space.

Make your theme! It’s a pilot program coordinated by Elena Vercher Ribis of the CEIP Cal.lípolis, with the support of “Ajut PONT” of the URV for educational projects. The project is led by Eva de Lera Tatjer (PhD student) and Janaina Minelli de Oliveira (Professor and Director of Thesis), Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology Department of Pedagogy - URV