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NEW PUBLICATION IN Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

We start this 2019 with a publication of the colleagues of the laboratory in "Australasian Journal of Educational Technology" which is entitled "INSIDE A 3D SIMULATION: REALISM, DRAMATISM AND CHALLENGE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF STUDENTS 'TEACHER DIGITAL COMPETENCE". This, mainly speaks of the importance of the development of digital teaching competence, between primary and secondary teachers, through simulation in 3D environments.

González Martínez, J., Camacho Martí, M., & Gisbert Cervera, M. (2019). Inside a 3D simulation: Realism, dramatism and challenge in the development of students' teacher digital competence. Australasian Journal Of Educational Technology, 2019, vol. 35, núm. 5, p. 1-14.