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Competencias TIC de los docentes para la eseñanza mediante entornos virtuales en educación superior. El caso de la Universidad de los Andes- Venezuela: Evaluación y diseño de un plan de formación

This thesis is conducted in Universidad de los Andes (ULA)-Venezuela about the teachers' ICT competence for the teaching process through virtual environments. Using a qualitative multipronged research approach, with methods with mixed nature where the descriptive design prevails, it is realized an evaluation of the formative plan of the university teachers. It was implemented last years by Coordinació d'Estudis Interactius a Distància (CEIDIS) and the instruments are applied in order to establish the profile of ICT competences of the teachers leant on international standards in ICT competence for teachers: Ministerio de Educación de Xile and UNESCO among others, as well as other indicators of other research projects. The research delimits and specify those competences from which the ULA teacher has to learn in order to be able to apply ICT in the teaching-learning process. Nowadays, just some CEIDIS courses are offered to the university and also the Programa d'Actualització Docent (PAD) where some of these elements have been discussed. Among the results, we outstand that ULA teachers are in a low-medium level in all the ICT competence dimensions. However, the majority of participants in the study, perceive positively the main ICT advantages in the teaching-learning process. It represents a strength for going furhter with their training. It establishes the ICT competence profile of the ULA teachers and based on it -such as the needs, weaknesses, strenghts and improvements suggested by the teachers which haven been trained in last years by CEIDIS- we suggest a design for a formative plan that contains five dimensions of the ICT competence of the teacher.