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Diseño y validación de un cuestionario de escala formativa para valorar las competencias transversales de estudiantes universitarios. Una propuesta para dispositivos móviles basada en android

This research has as the main aim: offer a diagnostic tool that evaluates the transversal competences that allow to know thethe rate of the perception of university students related to their transversal competences. For the management of these tools we suggest a development of an application for Android smart phones. The validity of this diagnostic tool, has been carried out through the criteria application of formative constructs along with the PLS techniques of the models of structural equations that belong to the multivariate statistics field. Hence, the research methodolody is based on an explorative process that has combined several data collecting techniques of both quantitative and qualitative nature. In this sense, it is expected a future application that might contribute to the development of the curricular designs of the study plans of the different programmes. In other words, to become outstanding information for the development of the new teachers proposals and be as an orientation of the same students regarding the chosen programme.