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La competencia digital docente: Análisis de la autopercepción y evaluación del desempeño de los estudiantes universitarios de educación por medio de un entorno 3D

At the current time, the role of teachers is crucial in empowering students with the advantages of technology. Teachers are required not only to become basic digitally literate, they should also be able to integrate technology into their teaching (this has also been called teachers’ digital competence), and the initial teacher education is one of the most important factors for this purpose. The purpose of this work was to explore the student-teachers’ digital competence, and for this purpose we designed and developed a new instrument to assess their performance, using the potential of 3D virtual environments. This work, which is based on design-based research (DBR-EDR), featured three main phases: (1) preliminary research; developing a conceptual framework and analysing their self-perception of this competence; (2) prototyping stage, focused on usability, validity, practicality and effectiveness of the 3D environment; and (3) a final evaluation through 3D virtual environment. The 3D virtual environment simulated a primary school, the design was based on authentic examples, following the evidence- centered design (ECD) model, and using ISTE standards.