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La competència digital docent com a eina per garantir la qualitat en l’ús de les tic en un centre escolar

Current society has been affected by the rapid and constant technological development of recent decades. The changes impregnate all the areas of individual development from personal and daily life to professional activity. This technological “revolution” affects the education system and how it has to educate the citizens of the future. The way in which the “new learners” are taught must adapt to the new ways in which individuals learn and the new social demands. Students need key competencies if they are to be able to take part in present society and one of these is digital competence. In this regard, teachers need to be sufficiently competent digitally speaking to be able to respond to the needs of their students. Teaching staff need to be provided with training in digital competency and this need must be satisfied by the educational authorities. Teachers have been provided with lifelong training at their places of work, and this training has been well received and is effective. At the same time, if the quality of schools is to be improved, digital technologies must be included as one of their strategic lines. This research was carried out in the context of an infant and primary school. Processes had to be systematised and evidence collected so that results could be obtained that could be used to improve the institution. The methodology used was action research: the researcher was a member of the teaching staff and was, therefore, a participatory researcher. The most important results and conclusions are the following: - The areas in which IT should be incorporated in the school and the quality indicators for monitoring and evaluating the process were identified. - Increasing the digital competence of the teaching staff was regarded as a way of improving the quality of the school. - Participation in an interinstitutional experience was beneficial for the teaching staff. - A plan for incorporating digital technologies in a school was drafted.