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Next Tuesday 21th of may, will be celebrate 5th meeting of innovative centers of Catalonia in Girona, where our coordinator Mercè Gisbert, with other professionals, will participate in a panel of experts in which she will talk about innovation and the role of the Administration.

The following aspects will be discussed: the new educational objectives, the role of ICT integration and methodological updating in the innovation processes of the centers, the instruments used, the role of teachers and families, the main difficulties encountered in the centers when they want to innovate and the solutions they apply.

This day, will be held throughout the day and will have the participation of more than 700 centers in the country. The objective is to exchange knowledge and experiences among the centers that are already innovating "at the center level as well as to provide orientations and examples to follow for the centers that are beginning this process.

For more information we leave the link here.