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Disseny, implementació i avaluació del pla d’explotació dels recursos TIC als centres de primària del Baix Ebre

 Since the very beginning the social and educative areas have been analyzed as they have been subjected to different changes and from a constant changing perspective, as well as the consideration that can be given related to its mutual dependence. These changes, generally, suggest new challenges to the education authorities: those professional that work in the teaching and education field, and more directly to the teaachers. Information and Comunication Technologies (ICT) are not oblivious to the adaptation process, not only for its intrinsic meaning that has brought to a social, cultural and economical revolution and a path that can be seen at the end, but also because they became a contest with an own specific weight of the curricular design, a resource and a pedagogical tool that it clearly has to ease the teachers' task and the students' knowledge process. And finally, a fonamental agent that become an educational fact in a crossing way.