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@DHER: Development of a Networked Environment for the Promotion of Adherence to Physical Activity Programs prescribed in Primary Care

@DHER: Development of a Networked Environment for the Promotion of Adherence to Physical Activity Programs prescribed in Primary Care


2007 - 2010

@ DHER is a project that arises from the need to develop a networked technological environment to promote adherence to physical exercise in patients with chronic pathologies related to sedentarism. This project has been carried out starting from its implementation in a pilot group of primary care patients in the city of Reus, Tarragona (Spain).


Name Institution
Luís Marqués Molías URV
Angel Pío Gonzalez Soto URV
Maria Mercedes Gisbert Cervera URV
Saturnino Gimeno Martín URV
Mª Jesús Aguaron García URV
Mª Sagrario Acebedo Urdiales URV
Mar Camacho Martí URV
Jose B. Holgado García URV
Jose María Cela Ranilla URV
Jessica Vlásica URV
Vanessa Esteve URV
Mario Lloret i Riera Consell Català de l'Esport
Juan José Garcia Gil Consell Català de l'Esport
Sílvia Aranda Garcia Consell Català de l'Esport
Anna Carol Pérez Segarra Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona
Azucena Carranzo Tomas Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona
Francesc X. Anguera Cugat Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona
Anna Maria Díaz Gallego Consorci Sanitari de Barcelona
Fernando Marqués Molías Institut Català de la Salut

Support programs

Programa d'ajuts d'incorporació a la recerca 2006

General objetive:

The main objective of this project is to make a rapprochement regarding the use of information technologies and their incorporation into the physical activities of the primary care patients of the city of Reus through the use of a Web environment that allows the interaction, Communication and digital collaboration in order to generate a better quality of life.

Specific objectives:

O.1. Identify the requirements to have for the network environment from the perspective of patients, sports technicians and health personnel.

O.2. Establish the factors to consider in order to achieve the integration of a networked environment into a program of physical activity, prescribed from primary care, for people with obesity problems.

O.3. To analyze the variation of the adherence to the programs of physical activity of the patients and its relationship with the use of the network environment, identifying the individual and contextual factors that provoke this variation.

O.4. Design a set of resources and services in a network in order to be used in information and support actions in programs related to physical activity and health.

O.5. Design the training process necessary for the effective use of the environment by patients, sports technicians and health personnel.

O.6. Establish the basic principles of a methodology of collaborative work in a technological environment between sports technicians and health personnel, in order to favor interactions with patients.

O.7. Disseminate the criteria, methodologies, resources and services in the academic and institutional spheres, in order to have applicability to programs of similar characteristics in development or in preparation.

The work plan was articulated according to two lines of action:

A) Identification and analysis of the requirements that the network environment must have according to two criteria:

a. The characteristics of the physical activity program performed by people with obesity-related pathologies, including organizational, medical and sports aspects.

b. The vision and needs of the three agents involved in a program of physical activity prescription in primary care.

B) Development and application of a network environment in order to corroborate our approach on the positive influence of this environment on the adherence to physical activity programs.