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PR@CTIC: Monitoring and evaluation of internships with telematic tools

PR@CTIC: Monitoring and evaluation of internships with telematic tools


2016 - 2016

This project is based on the needs sharing faculties Educational Sciences of the UdG, UdL, URV and UVic in relation to the planning and organization of practices subject of the degrees of Master.

The common problem is related to:

- The training center tutors and faculty practices

- Monitoring of students to practice schools

For this reason, it aims to create a working group with inter similar geographical characteristics shared problems and to encourage the dissemination and transfer of good practices in relation to this subject.


Name Institution
Luís Marqués Molías URV
Mercé Gisbert Cervera URV
Josep Benito Holgado Garcia URV
Jose Maria Cela Ranilla URV
M. Jose Valls Gabernet UdL
Carme Jové Deltell UdL
Montserrat Casanovas Català UdL
Jordi Luís Coiduras Rodriguez UdL
Muntsa Calbó Angrill UdG
Miquel Alsina Tarrés UdG
Margarida Falgàs Isern UdG
Josep M. Serra Bonet UdG
Olga Pedragosa Xuclà UVic

Support programs

Agència de Gestió d'ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca

General objectives:

O.1. Identify the key elements that determine the profile of the tutors of practices in the context of schools and universities.

O.2. Establish basic criteria to create a training plan for tutors and faculty of educational practices for Master degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education Teacher.

O.3. To determine the relevant aspects of the use of telematic tools, such as electronic portfolios and videoconferencing systems, development, monitoring and mentoring pratiques.

O.4. Generate strategies in order to carry out a continuous assessment process and practices based on the use of these electronic tools

O.5. Pomoure the creation of a virtual resource center shared by the four universities.

O.6. To promote the creation of a network of inter-university collaborative work involving education authorities to promote innovation and research in the process of the practices of the degrees of Master.

The method to use has four distinct fundamental phases, in order to be able to elaborate a diagnosis or "state of the question" of the reality from which we start.

A) Establish the starting situation and plan the experimental period from three actions:

  1. Identify the profile of faculty and center tutors regarding the competences to be achieved by students throughout their external practices.
  2. Describe the task of monitoring the period of internships from the perspective of the tutors of the center, faculty and students.
  3. Establish the actions to be developed throughout the experimental period.

B) Execution of the action plan, collecting the data with the established indicators. The participation of professors with assignment of internships will be counted in each one of the universities.

C) Monitoring and evaluation of results.

D) Proposals for implementation and / or improvement in relation to the strategies, resources and activities related to the training of the tutors and the process of monitoring and evaluation of the period of practices.