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On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the report "The Digital Divide in Spain" is presented. This includes nine articles that cover five major themes:

  1. Attitudes regarding DT: key elements for the development of digital skills
  2. Digital training: strategic factor for inclusion
  3. Political participation in the digital sphere: inequalities and impacts
  4. The digital gender gap: a pending issue
  5. Childhood and youth: Inequalities and sociodigital rights

Among the various data of the Spanish population on the digital gender gap, we highlight that it is more significant for women, with less income and a lower level of studies.

Read more: Usart, M. (2023). Internet access, use of devices and self-perceived digital competence: different aspects of the gender digital divide. In Fundació Ferrer i Guàrdia (Ed.) The digital gap in Spain. Key knowledge for the promotion of digital inclusion. (pp. 110-128). http://bit.ly/3S8D80V