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La tutoria virtual i la inserció laboral dels professionals d’infermeria

The claim of the research is to "design, perform and evaluate a virtual mentoring program (VIRTICS), as a support system to the new Nursery students in the process of the insertion and adaptation to the professional world". 

We have used a study case using a mixed methodology: qualitative and quantitative. The first part consists on gathering and analyzing data about how was the employment process of the new Nursery professionals that started to work in Institut Català de Salut (ICS) centers of the Terres de l'Ebere Health Area, both in the hospital setting and the primary care during 2006 and 2007 summers. Taking into account that data and in a second instance, we design a virtual environment that allows to implement a virtual mentoring program, VIRTICS. It is developed in 2008 summer. It's a pilot of the mentoring virtual environment to the new Nursery professionals. It also receives a monitoring process.