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Make your theme!

Make your theme!

2017 - 2018

The project "Make your theme!" It consists in the design and application of an educational intervention of 12 weeks duration based on musical creation with technological tools. The recipients of the project are young people enrolled in centers classified as the maximum complexity of the Territorial Services of Tarragona. The results pursued by this educational intervention are provoking a positive impact on the identity of young people at risk of social exclusion, increasing their self-esteem and promoting creativity.


Name Institution
Escola Cal·lípolis Escola Cal·lípolis
Escola Roseta Mauri Escola Roseta Mauri
Escola Bonavista Escola Bonavista
Escola La Parellada Escola La Parellada
Janaina Minelli de Oliveira Dept. Pedagogia (URV)
Eva de Lera URV

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The general objective of "Make your theme!" It is the design and production of resources and methodological approaches that favor communication and expression of students at risk, age of major personal and emotional changes.

"Make your theme!" It has as specific objectives:

OE1 Impact positively on the identity of young people at risk of social exclusion.
OE2 Increase your self esteem.
OE3 Encourage creativity.

In his initial approach, the educational intervention "Make your theme!" It is divided into two phases: one exploratory phase and one creative one.

Exploratory Phase: Weekly sessions (once or twice a week) during which existing song lyrics are worked, and where young people share their experiences related to the lyrics. At the same time, the lyrics of different songs, which are similar to each other, will be connected, and young people will be able to carry out short initial writing exercises (song lyrics) on existing melodies. In addition, during this first phase, the identification of songs "feel good" works, those that young people identify and have, like those that make them feel better when they are having a difficult time, to relax. This work culminates with the creation of shared individual music lists (Spotify type list), as well as a common "feel good" list.

Creative Phase: It is continued with the weekly sessions (once or twice a week), focused on intensifying the creative, multi-sensory and therapeutic experience, because the production of music and verbal / written expression is used as a vehicle for to the healing and empowerment of these young people. For young people who are not receptive to therapies, this phase is used to channel their emotions constructively.

The project offers the necessary information (tools and technological resources available) so that young people with or without previous experience can create and produce a song of their own with the guidance and advice of the participating teachers.