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New publication: Teaching digital competence: a case study of a school-institute

We present a new publication in Edutec Journal.
Abstract: Teaching digital competence (TDC) is a fundamental element in the formation of citizens of the 21st century. That is why practicing teachers must develop TDC skills. To achieve this, it is essential to analyze the degree of development in TDC and improving it thanks to continuous training is a fundamental element. In order to determine the self-perceived level of TDC and to detect the weaknesses of the institution, in this case study,
the COMDID-A instrument is used, which is in line with the European (DigComp.Edu) and regional framework of the Government of Catalonia. This analysis determines the institution's TDC level and its correlations with different sociodemographic variables. It also shows the weaknesses of the institution that are the starting point for designing training. 
The results reveal that the degree of development in TDC is correlated with the age of the participants. The institution must propose a training design, based on reflection on teaching practice, to improve the weaknesses detected and implement the use of DT in the teaching-learning process.
Reference: Garcia i Grau, F., Lázaro Cantabrana, J. L., & Valls Bautista, C. (2022). Teaching digital competence: a case study of a school-institute. Edutec. Revista Electrónica De Tecnología Educativa, (81), 35-54. https://doi.org/10.21556/edutec.2022.81.2181