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FIET 2024

FIET 2024: Digital Transformation of Education in an Artificial Intelligence Age 

March 12-15, 2024 in Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

The International Forum on Education and Technology (FIET) is a meeting place where leading national and international figures related to the application of digital technologies (DT) in education analyse the current situation, make an analysis in the perspective of the next 5 years and make proposals together on the transformative role in a digital context oriented to the strategies of schools.

This theme is analysed from three axes and through various lines of work.


  • What is the aim of this edition? FIET2024 aims to analyse the impact of digital technologies on education in the era of Artificial Intelligence, based on the evidence gathered from the reality of different educational scenarios and levels with a local, national and international perspective.

  • Who is it aimed at? Primary and secondary schools and education professionals from different educational levels.

  • How? Through active participation in the resolution of challenges on the three thematic axes.

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twitter.com/fietcat #FIET24